Will Facebook’s phone run Tizen?

The rumours of a Facebook phone are all around the web. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is apparently worried about Facebook just becoming another app icon on peoples’ smartphones. To prevent this, Zuckerberg has apparently okayed the development of Facebook phone.

The Facebook Buffy phone will use a heavily modified version of Android, while there’s also a good reason to choose for Tizen. Because Android is mainly developed by Google, a Facebook phone running on Android could be a wrong decision. It makes Facebook vulnerable, since Google decides which way Android is going.

With Tizen they (Facebook) are backed by Samsung and Intel. These companies can provide Facebook the hardware and production capacity, so why not choose for Tizen? The apps can be developed with HTML5, which is great since Facebook can keep building platform indepedent apps in HTML5.

We think the battle isn’t won by Android yet. Tizen will keep growing, an adoption of Facebook will surely help even more!

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