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Samsung launched Samsung Z1 Tizen phone

Samsung released its first Tizen phone, the Samsung Z1 at January the 14th. The phone will first hit the India market. Previous ‘official’ announcements were made for earlier releases, like Samsung did for a release in Russia. The Samsung Z1 runs on Tizen 2.3 and guarantees fast startup times and easy access to apps and […]


Galaxy Gear (Android) will be updated to Tizen

Samsung is going to update the Galaxy Gear from Android to Tizen in the near future. The version with Android only allows to count steps, while the new Tizen version will be able to measure sleep patterns and have a standalone music app. The update to Tizen will make the wearables more uniform, according to […]

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Samsung about to release four Tizen phones

According to rumors Samsung is about to release four Tizen phones in june 2014. The following phones are in development: SM-Z500, SM-Z700, SM-Z900, and SM-Z910. The SM-Z910 will probably the high-end model. The specifications of the phones are still unknown, as well as when they will be released. The rumor is spread via Twitter by […]

First Tizen phone to be released in 2013

According to the Japanese website “Daily Yomiuri” the first official Tizen phone will be released in 2013 by Samsung. In that case Samsung will be the first manufacturer to release a Tizen-based phone. The phone will be shiped to Japan and some other countries, and finally find it’s way to Europa and the US. Also […]

Samsung joins Linux Foundation with highest level: Platinum

The South Korean multinational company will soon announce that it will join the Linux Foundation at the highest level. This membership, the platinum level, costs about $500.000 and will assure Samsung of a seat in the Linux Foundation board. Only six other companies have joined the foundation at that level; Qualcomm, Oracle, Intel, IBM and […]

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Samsung shows developers phone at Dev Conference

Samsung, one of the biggest backers of this new open source OS, showed a phone running the Tizen OS. Samsung Vice President Jong-Deok Choi held a keynote at the event and attendees were each given a device. The phone, which was not named during the keynote, is to serve as a development platform for interested […]